The price of high imitation watches

There are more than hundreds of manufacturers producing imitation watches, and there will be several manufacturers producing the same watch, and their workmanship will be different. The main differences are as follows


1: The difference in workmanship (detailed processing, inferior watches have low imitation and look fake)


2: The difference in material (such as steel, gold-plated process, leather, mirror surface, luminous effect, etc.)


3: The difference between the movement (domestic ordinary movement, Seagull movement, Japanese Citizen movement, Swiss movement, Dandong movement)


4: Assembly master skills, environment and process requirements, etc.


The above are not absolute, but only possible differences, because there are too many high imitation manufacturers, as for what kind of products they make, they will control them. As a dealer, Acmewatches will choose high-quality, reliable and high-simulation manufacturers to cooperate with, so as to ensure that you buy Reproduced to the top. The market is full of fish and dragons. If you are a novice, please spend more time comparing the details, and avoid spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on inferior watches.


Nowadays, the manufacture of high imitation watches is very mature. High quality replica watches on our site typically cost around $600 or more. The movement and workmanship are all qualified, and most people can’t see it. Don’t worry about it affecting your life. Of course, you can also choose cheap watches according to your needs. Typical prices are around $300. However, the simulation degree of the watch will be very low, and most of the functions will be lost, so it is not recommended to buy.

The quality of replica watches and how long they have been used

Will it break easily? How long it lasts depends on personal care. Just like a mobile phone, can the mobile phone be used for a few months, or three to five years? The problem is that the watch is mainly afraid of falling and water. As long as you pay attention to these two points, there will be no problem. We provide a one-year warranty on the movement. If you have any questions, you can contact us.


The quality mainly depends on the movement, which is divided into quartz movement and mechanical movement. Mechanical movements have many qualities. Most of the 300 yuan or so are low-end ordinary movements, and the quality is average. Most of the ones with a price of 600-1000 US dollars and above use Seagull movements, Citizen movements and Swiss movements (Rolex Daytona series 4130 movements) are top replicas. This kind of movement is recognized by many buyers, and the after-sales rate is low. The Seagull movement is a movement produced by Tianjin Seagull Company. It is the largest and best movement production company in China. It has a history of 60 years and belongs to the imitation Swiss ETA movement. In essence, the quality can be close to the real Longines quality.


Quartz movement mainly adopts Japanese quartz movement and Swiss quartz movement. Their quality is very good and there are few quality problems. Read about watch care.

Accurate Timekeeping of Mechanical Watches

According to the regulations of the watch industry, the daily error of the international standard mechanical watch is within the normal range of ±30 seconds. Our shipments will be issued after instrument testing, and generally can be controlled within 10 seconds.

The error range of mechanical watches depends on the quality of the movement.


The error range of domestic ordinary machinery is controlled within 50 seconds within 24 hours, generally around 10 seconds to 20 seconds.


Seagull movement, Citizen movement, Swiss ETA movement, and Dandong movement have a 24-hour error range controlled within 30 seconds, generally around 10 seconds. Some novice buyers are new to mechanical watches. Once they hear that there is a 30-second error in 24 hours, then the error will be three and a half minutes in a week? Here we should note that the 24-hour error range is normal within 30 seconds, not absolutely 30 seconds per day. It may be a few seconds a day, or more than ten seconds a day. It is within the normal range within 30 seconds. Rylan Watches will detect and correct errors before delivery, which can generally be controlled within 10 seconds.


The accuracy of a mechanical watch will depend primarily on the stability of the balance spring’s oscillation period, but the oscillation stability of the balance spring is affected by 5 factors:


  1. The influence of the swing amplitude: the tightness of the mainspring will directly affect the amplitude of the balance wheel. The stronger the mainspring, the more accurate the movement. Therefore, in normal use, the movement of the wrist is less, and the kinetic energy can be added manually.


  1. The influence of position change: the main position change is the change of the plane and the vertical plane. There are 2 planes (surface up and surface down) and only 3 facades (they are: the handle is down, the handle is left , the crown is up) the crown will not happen to the right when it is worn normally, so there are a total of 5 positions, and each position will affect the oscillation period of the balance spring system of the watch in different sizes.


  1. Impact of shock and vibration: Severe shock and vibration also have an impact on the vibration cycle of the balance wheel, especially for mechanical watches with low swing or low frequency.


  1. The influence of the magnetic field: Many parts of the mechanical watch movement are made of steel, so they are easily magnetized.


  1. The influence of temperature change: the change of temperature will change the geometry of the balance wheel and hairspring, and every slight change of these key components will directly affect the oscillation period.


  1. The mechanical watch has a running-in period of 2 months. After the running-in period, the real error will be known. If the error is large, it can be mailed back for free correction.


There are some other factors, the case is not sealed and moisture or dust enters the watch, which will also affect the accuracy of the watch.


In short, it is recommended that if you want the precision of the mechanical watch to be high, you must keep the spring of the mechanical watch relatively full. Generally, the surface of the watch is better than the vertical surface, keep away from magnetic fields and water, and do not drop it.

Water resistance of the watch

All watches have waterproof rings. Except for some professional diving watches, most watches are waterproof and splashproof for daily life when they leave the factory. They cannot be placed in water. Try not to touch water during use.


  1. Whether the watch is waterproof or not mainly depends on the sealing of the watch head and the compatibility of the waterproof ring. If there are more squares, hollows, and buttons, the waterproof performance of the watch will be poor.


  1. Waterproof performance is available at any time. The waterproof ring will expand when exposed to heat and shrink when exposed to cold, and the waterproof performance will decrease. Water resistance can also be regarded as the maintenance category of watches. It does not guarantee that it will never go into the water in the future, so it is important to take care of it in the future.


  1. The watch should not be exposed to hot water or worn in a sauna room, because the waterproof ring will expand when exposed to heat and shrink when exposed to cold, thereby accelerating aging.


  1. For authentic watches with a water resistance of 200m, counter staff also recommend avoiding them as much as possible.


Waterproof specification, waterproof level


Level 1: 30-50 meters daily waterproof (logo: 30M, 3ATM, 3BAR), can resist a small amount of splashing water when washing hands and face and raindrops falling during light rain, but be careful not to last too long.


Level 2: 100-200 meters, (logo: 100M, 10ATM, 110BAR) Swimming activities are allowed, but only for shallow swimming.


Level 3: 300 meters and above (logo: 300M, 30ATM, 30BAR), water sports or free diving are allowed.




  1. The waterproof level of the waterproof watch: for example, it is waterproof to 30 meters, which does not mean that it can be placed underwater to 30M, but that the watch can withstand 3 atmospheric pressure, and so on.


  1. If the watch comes into contact with water, be sure to dry it in time.


  1. Do not use the watch in the bathroom or sauna. The waterproof rubber ring will expand and contract due to the influence of temperature, resulting in gaps and accelerated aging, thus affecting the waterproof function of the watch.


  1. The waterproof performance of the watch is not permanent. Watches may be affected by aging of the waterproof ring or accidental impact to the crown/case.

The method of keeping the mechanical watch in perpetual motion

  1. An automatic watch does not run continuously like a perpetual motion machine. Instead, it uses a weight or similar structure in the movement. Nowadays, automatic gyroscopes are generally used, which are driven by hand movements. So an automatic watch needs to be worn on the hand to keep it running.


  1. After getting the watch, it often happens that the watch does not move. This is because the winding of the watch is not enough, so we need to make up the string. You can hold it in your hand and shake it from side to side facing the surface, or you can wind it manually (in the case of no power at all, it is best to wind it manually for 40 laps), and you can manually wind it clockwise by directly turning the crown clockwise , Many white-collar workers often sit in the office due to lack of activity, which often leads to night stops and needs to make up for motivation. An electric winder can also be purchased for perpetual power.


  1. Next, you need to adjust your calendar. First, pull out the handle (the handle must be unlocked first) and turn it down or up to the date. Dual calendars usually adjust the date and day of the week separately up and down. Indicates that it needs to be adjusted by pressing the key.


  1. To adjust the time, pull out both gears and adjust the time. If you don’t have a calendar, just pull out a gear to adjust the time.


  1. As a precision mechanical instrument, mechanical watches should be careful not to collide and keep away from magnetic fields as much as possible. Use according to the waterproof level marked on the watch. No matter how many meters a waterproof watch is, it should be in contact with water as little as possible, otherwise it may cause premature aging of the waterproof ring.