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Not on our site without sales tax.

We accept PayPal, Wire Transfer,Apple Pay, Alipay,Bitcoin.

No, 1:1 replica watches can’t be so cheap, the prices shown are ordinary replicas, if you want a good quality watch, please contact customer service.

Yes, all items are in stock unless you want to customize. We list popular watches on our website.
But sometimes there are watches that we don’t show because of a lack of huge demand. If there is any need to find, please contact us.

Yes, we deliver our services worldwide. Once the payment is confirmed, we need about 3 days to test the watch and prepare the shipment.
Then it will take 10-16 days to deliver. It may take a few days during the holidays.

Yes, you will. As soon as the watch will be sent, you will receive an email with the tracking number.

Yes, you can track your order here: (Tracking Order) (global) (global) (global) (United States) (UK) (Canada)

We use state-of-the art encryption and fraud detection technology to protect your personal information and assure your security.
We keep only enough information to process your order. We never sell, lease, or share your email address or other personal information.

Within 30 days of receiving the order, you can return it to us for a refund or replacement.
Please contact our customer service to get the return address. Every time you buy from our store is 100% risk-free!

Yes, it may come in contact with a small amount of water (raining or washing hands), but we do not recommend swimming or showering while wearing a replica watch.

AccordionThat’s because it is the screw-in crown, which runs as follows: the “crown” which is made into a “nut” will turn to the “0” gear after it is screwed out by rotating it counterclockwise (if you rotate it clockwise, you are winding the watch up manually). Set the date with the “1” gear and the time with the “2” gear. After the time has been set, rotate the crown clockwise, screw it in and lock it to keep it out of water! Q: How to set the time and date of a watch? First, pull the “crown” out. Set the date with the “1” gear and the time with the “2” gear. (If it has been screwed in, please rotate it counterclockwise first to screw it out) Points for attention when setting it: 1. For a watch with a screw-in crown, do not force the crown to be pulled out. Please rotate the crown counterclockwise to screw it out first. After the time has been set, rotate it clockwise, screw it in and lock it to keep it out of water! 2. Secondly, for a mechanical watch, do not set the week and calendar at any time from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m., otherwise, its movement may be damaged. 3. Do not set the time counterclockwise at any time from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., during which the week and calendar gears are switching. In the event of a long-term counterclockwise setting, the internal parts will be damaged. In other time periods except the above, it can be set either clockwise or counterclockwise freely. Q: Why is the date wrong? The date of a watch will jump over one space every 24 hours. If it fails to jump over it in the morning, it will do so at noon the next day, in which case it will be 12 hours slower and you need to manually rotate the hour hand once. If the date jumps over a space in advance, please set it back to the previous day first and then set the date to the correct day. Q: What’s the daily rate of a mechanical watch? According to the regulations of the watch industry, the normal daily rate of a mechanical watch of the international standard falls within ± 30 secs. Ours has been controlled within 10 secs generally by having it tested with the instrument before delivery. Content

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